What we do

MARKET FEASIBILITY for individual or multi-sector research including residential, retail, office, industrial, and lodging uses to identify market opportunities and estimate likely absorptions.

FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS of specific development projects which include estimates of the financial operating income based on assumptions (and alternate assumptions) of absorption and occupancy rates, revenue, development program and financing costs taken from the market analysis. Our team also has experience in Fiscal Feasibility Studies for local governments, e.g. for annexations and new incorporations.

REVITALIZATION STRATEGIES that are market-driven for residential, commercial and industrial uses in downtown, neighborhood districts and Main Street.  Recommendations of urban redevelopment strategies, tactics, and policies for implementation of a community vision.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING STUDIES & FAIR HOUSING RESEARCH preparation of federally mandated assessments of Fair Housing including recommendations suitable for inclusion in a local government’s Consolidated Plan.  Preparation of Fair Housing studies in support of particular development proposals and expert witness testimony

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES to chart a viable economic course and capture economic opportunities that complement a community’s vision for a high quality of life. Special financing techniques such as tax increment financing and other public financing techniques may be considered.

ORGANIZATION CAPACITY BUILDING develops clear organizational direction and capacity to ensure your great plans and strategies produce the desired results. Marketek is highly experienced in providing training and technical assistance to economic development organizations. Services range from workshops on Roles & Responsibilities and Measuring Results to Business Recruitment and Conducting/Managing Business Outreach.

MARKETING/BRANDING STRATEGIES to successfully promote and capitalize on market opportunities identified in a market analysis such as target markets and niche businesses. Development of a “brand” or identity that is unique and authentic is useful to reflect an image and desired vision for a community.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT from target marketing and planning to business recruitment, retention and expansion.  Other aspects of business development include customer attraction and business attraction.

CONSUMER RESEARCH including group and individual surveys to elicit opinions and input on specific projects, and Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analyses to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in a project.